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Price: $58.99
Item Number: 023063373010
Manufacturer: Security Equipment Corp
Style #: 920060-C
  • The MK-9 DPS 18.5 Fog Delivery Spray from Sabre is a powerful crowd deterrent optimized for law enforcement application.
  •  The spray boasts a 10% OC concentration with 1.33% major capsaicinoids capable of stopping the strongest and most aggressive attackers in their tracks.
  •  The formula is designed to immediately inflame the sensitive membranes of the lungs, eyes and nose to instantly disorient and immobilize assailants.
  •  A powerful dual propellant system (DPS) combines Dupont's Dymel134a propellant with nitrogen gas to deliver a far-reaching fog spray that offers maximum area coverage. 
  • A pistol style grip allows users to wield the sprayer with greater efficiency and control than traditional style canisters.